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Raid (Extreme)
Multiple AuthorsJuly 3, 2017

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How to Unlock

Head to Kugane and speak to the Wandering Minstrel (11.6, 12.6). The Wandering Minstrel will present you with three options, one of which will unlock Lakshmi Extreme.

Mechanics Overview

Phase 1

  • One tank should pick up each add.
  • DPS needs to focus fire the adds down.
  • When the adds cast their eye spell, everyone needs to turn away.
  • Don't bother popping cooldowns due to the simplicity of this phase.

Phase 2

  • The main tank should position Lakshmi at one edge of the platform.
  • The tank should pop a defensive cooldown on "Pull of Light".
  • The off-tank should fight to be second on the threat list, as the blue marker ability will target this person.
  • When the off-tank is targeted by the blue marker, he or she should face the cleave away from the raid.
  • When both healers are targeted by "Hand of Beauty", they need to pop Vrill and head to a corner of the room where an AoE will be placed.
  • When players are targeted by "Hand of Grace", they should spread out to space the AoE across the platform.
  • Players need to pop Vrill when "Divine Desire" is cast.
  • Players need to pop Vrill and head to the center of the platform shortly after Lakshmi casts "Chanchalla".

Phase 3

  • During this phase several adds will spawn. DPS need to only kill these enemies when they have a bubble in order to refresh the Vrill cooldown.
  • It is recommended that each add is reduced to 10%~ HP and then killed once a bubble appears on a target.
  • All players need to pop Vrill during the transition to Phase 4.

Phase 4

  • Many of the same mechanics of Phase 2 are present here. Players will need to pick-up Vrill to gain access to the skill, though.
  • Vrill needs to be used on the following skills: "Pull of Light" (tank only), "Chanchalla", and "Stortam".
  • Everyone needs to stack on "The Pall of Light".

Video Guides

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