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How to Unlock

To access Omega: Deltascape (Savage), players must access the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.5 Y:12.4). Players must first complete the quest "The Anomaly".

Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape (Savage) will yield gear. In addition to gear, players will receive a Deltascape datalog from each area, which can be exchanged for gear of your choosing by speaking with Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.7 Y:12.0).

Mechanics Overview

Original Source

After you kill Exdeath, for the rest of the lockout you will start at Neo Exdeath. You must wipe after Neo Exdeath is targetable for this to happen. Neo Exdeath does not auto attack, and will reset aggro completely periodically.

Before starting, assign players loose spread positions for Dualcast Fire III and Delta Attack. Melee should be inside the box’s hitbox, tanks should be to the very left and right, and ranged should be in the middle and back of the arena.

Exdeath has a hard enrage of around 4:50, with a raid DPS requirement of at least ~21585. This counts downtime, so the DPS requirement is closer to Neo Exdeath.

Neo Exdeath has a hard enrage of ~12:45 with a raid DPS requirement of at least ~24000.



The next mechanic will strike twice.

  • Fire III
    • Targets 4 DPS with a splash AoE, then 2 Healers and 2 Tanks with a splash AoE. Spread out to avoid clipping other players with AoE.
  • Blizzard III
    • Targets multiple players with a ground AoE, then a ground AoE again. Stack and then dodge.
  • Thunder III
    • A magical tank buster that strikes twice and applies a lightning vuln debuff. The offtank must provoke during the cast to take the second hit. Alternatively you can use invulns on it.

White Hole

All players not at max HP when this mechanic resolves will be petrified. Anyone under 50% HP will be instantly killed.

Healers should top all players off to avoid the DPS loss from petrification.

The Decisive Battle

Calls down a pillar in the middle of the arena and tentacles that spawn. Move as a group to avoid the tentacle attacks then behind the pillar to avoid the breath attack.

  • Stand on the last tentacle to spawn and then move in the direction they spawn.
  • After Exdeath returns, he spawns on a random party member. All players should stand on the edge to make Vacuum Wave easier.


Targets a healer with a stack marker. Stack to share the damage.


Targets a healer, tank, and DPS with a proximity marker. Spread out to decrease damage taken.

Vacuum Wave

Knocks back all party members a long distance. There are many ways to prevent the knockback in order to stack up for the White Hole afterwards.

  • PLD has Tempered Will, and can Cover one additional player.
  • DRK and WAR have Plunge and Onslaught respectively.
  • All melee have Arm’s Length (you can switch Role Actions between Exdeath and Neo Exdeath), as well as gap closers - SAM has Hissatsu: Gyoten, NIN has Shukuchi, MNK has Shoulder Tackle, and DRG has Spineshatter Dive/Dragonfire Dive.
  • Healers should bring Surecast. Cast Surecast before the castbar resolves, but do not cast anything before, because that will consume the Surecast buff. After the knockback resolves, you can use a GCD.
  • RDM and BLM have Corps-à-Corps and Aetherial Manipulation respectively.
  • BRD, MCH, and SMN don’t have anything


Exdeath reaches into the void and casts an elemental skill.

  • Fire III
    • Inflicts a Pyretic debuff for 3 seconds, dealing massive damage if a player does any actions.
  • Blizzard III
    • Deep Freezes any player that is not moving for a few seconds after the cast bar resolves.
  • Thunder III
    • Does a large AoE around Exdeath that paralyzes and deals massive damage. Move away to dodge.

Black Hole

Summons Black Holes around the arena and four tether to tanks and healers. Kite these around until Holy or Flare, which causes them to disappear.


High damage AoE that must be mitigated with shields and mitigation.


Flood of Naught

A major mechanic that happens in various iterations throughout the fight. The type of Flood is indicated by the animation Neo Exdeath does while the cast bar is going off.

  • Terminal Antilight
    • Similar to Wild Charge from T10 or Spear of the Fury from Thordan EX. Deals massive damage and knocks back the player closest to the boss, while dealing less damage to players behind the stack. This is accompanied with Allagan Field debuffs most of the time. This is indicated by sparkling diamonds around Neo Exdeath.
  • White and Black Antilight
    • Similar to colors from Sephirot EX, however you must stand on the opposite debuff that you have. The best way to think about it is that if you take the same colour as your debuff, you die. This is indicated by two large polyhedrons on the left and right of Neo Exdeath, showing which side to stand on. To remove Beyond Death with White and Black Antilight, stand in the same colour as your debuff.
  • Inner and Outer Antilight
    • Shoots a lethal beam down either the inner area of the platform or down the outer area of the platform. This is indicated by a large orb in the middle or two smaller orbs on the side of Neo Exdeath.


A raid buster crunch supreme 3000 that deals extremely heavy unaspected magic damage and inflicts an extremely heavy DoT on the party. This must be mitigated completely using all tools possible, including Addle, Soil, Covenant, Collective, Reprisal, and shields, and the DoT must be healed through afterwards.

Aero III

A magical tank buster on whoever currently has aggro. This does not do AoE damage, despite the animation making it look like such.

Delta Attack

Neo Exdeath casts Dualcast versions of Thunder III, Fire III, and Blizzard III at the same time. These function the same way as in Exdeath.

  • Have all party members but the main tank stack in front of the boss. Spread out to assigned positions to not overlap Fire III and not clip anyone with Thunder III. Dodge the second Blizzard III.
  • The OT should provoke during the castbar to take the second Thunder III hit. Alternatively, invuln it.
  • The mechanics resolve as such
    • Blizzard III
    • MT Thunder III + DPS Fire III
    • Blizzard III + OT Thunder III + Heal/Tank Fire III

Grand Cross Alpha

Resets aggro. All players are inflicted with the Hysteria debuff, causing them to move in a random direction as the cast bar resolves. All players are also inflicted with the debuff Acceleration Bomb - if they are moving while the debuff resolves, they will be knocked airborne for a few seconds and receive a damage down/healing down debuff. Three players (one DPS, one healer, one Tank) are inflicted with the Allagan Field debuff - all damage the player takes will be dealt as raid-wide damage when the debuff ends or the player dies. Grand Cross Alpha is accompanied with a Flood of Naught Terminal Antilight right afterwards.

  • Stand in the middle when the cast bar resolves to not fall off the edge from Hysteria.
  • The tank without Allagan Field must stand in front of the party and use a CD. The healer and DPS with Allagan Field must stand at the back. The tank with Allagan Field must stand behind the first tank but in front of the party, and use a CD.

Double Attack

Targets first on enmity with a proximity tether. This must be shared with the other tank or invulned (does not need to be shared if so). Knocks back all targets damaged. This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs.

  • Stand at the very north if you invuln in order to not lose uptime. All other players get out of the Neo Exdeath hitbox.
  • If you soak it, both tanks move to the centre and everyone else stand inside the hitbox.


Three markers with directional arrows appear, and after a short while black puddles spawn towards the direction the markers indicated. Standing in one of these when they resolve drains half of your TP and MP, inflicts a damage down debuff, and does minimal damage. Emptiness is often accompanied with Flood of Naught Inner/Outer Antilight, so dodge accordingly.

Grand Cross Delta

Resets aggro. Inflicts multiple debuffs on the party. These must be resolved in a way to satisfy the debuff conditions to not kill the party.

  • One tank is inflicted with Cursed Shriek and Forked Lightning
    • All players must look away from players with Cursed Shriek when the debuffs resolve to avoid petrifaction.
    • Forked Lightning emits a donut AoE around the player that paralyzes and deals damage if hit when the debuff resolves.
  • One healer is inflicted with Forked Lightning.
  • The other healer is inflicted with Death Wave - a stack marker - and Cursed Shriek.
  • Two DPS are afflicted with Acceleration Bomb.
  • The rest of the DPS, as well as the other tank, are afflicted with Beyond Death and Off-balance. If Beyond Death is not removed by getting hit by an Antilight from Flood of Naught, the player will die when the debuff resolves. Off-balance will make the next instance of damage taken knock the player back a long distance.

To deal with Grand Cross Delta:

  • The tank with Cursed Shriek should move to the Southwest.
  • The healer with Forked Lightning should move to the Southeast.
  • Players with Acceleration Bomb must not stack with the Death Wave, and should be near the boss.
  • The healer who does not have Forked Lightning should go directly south, because they will get Death Wave.
  • The rest of the players should go directly south of the boss, as to get knocked towards him due to stacking for Death Wave.
    • You can only have the tank with Beyond Death stack with the healer - the healer will take about 32k damage but otherwise be alright, and melee can gain uptime on the boss. For safety, you would have all the rest of the players stack.
  • All players should look towards the boss to not get Petrified, right before Death Wave resolves.
  • All players with Beyond Death should then be hit by whichever Antilight it is, causing them to drop down to 1 HP but remove the Beyond Death debuff.

Earth Shaker

Targets #1 and #2 in enmity with an Earth Shaker, dealing heavy physical damage. The OT should always provoke (no aggro combo, no shirk) to get 2nd in enmity on the Aero III before Earth Shaker. Mitigate accordingly. This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs.

Vacuum Wave

Deals damage and knocks back anyone standing in an AoE in the boss’s hitbox. Applies a damage down debuff if hit.

Light and Darkness

Neo Exdeath casts Holy and Flare from the first phase.

  • Assign each role a spot to go to for Flare, in the East, West, and South (we did tank W, DPS E, healer S)
  • Anyone who does not have a debuff stack North to share Holy damage.
  • Immediately after, look for Flood of Naught Inner/Outer Antilight and dodge it.


Summons four Arcane Sphere meteor adds that must be killed before they reach the ground. The boss teleports to a random location a while after the cast finishes.


Drops all players HP to critical levels.

Grand Cross Omega + The Final Battle

Resets aggro. Inflicts Hysteria, and multiple debuffs on the party. These must be resolved in a way to satisfy the debuff conditions to not kill the party.

  • Tanks can be afflicted with:
    • 1x Forked Lightning, Acceleration Bomb, and Allagan Field
    • 1x Off-balance, Beyond Death, and Acceleration Bomb
  • Healers can be afflicted with:
    • 1x Forked Lightning, Beyond Death, and Acceleration Bomb
    • 1x Death Wave, Acceleration Bomb, and Allagan Field
  • DPS can be afflicted with:
    • 1x Forked Lightning, Acceleration Bomb, and Allagan Field
    • 1x Off-balance, Acceleration Bomb, and Beyond Death
    • 2x Off-balance, Beyond Death, and Cursed Shriek

The Final Battle teleports Neo Exdeath to cardinal positions around the arena. He will cast Flood of Naught, and teleport again. This repeats twice, and the first teleport will always be directly south from where he originally was. The Flood of Naughts will be 3 out of 4 of Inner Antilight, Outer Antilight, White and Black Antilight, or Black and White Antilight.

To deal with Grand Cross Omega + The Final Battle:

  • Stand in the middle when the cast bar resolves to not fall off the edge from Hysteria.
  • Players without Forked Lightning run under the boss to stack for Death Wave.
  • Players with Forked Lightning spread out in the centre of the arena, making sure not to clip each other.
  • Forked Lightning resolves, and Death Wave resolves a moment later, knocking back all players in the stack.
  • Neo Exdeath teleports around the arena (the first one will always be directly South of where the boss started) and casts three random Flood of Naughts. They can repeat, though unlikely.
  • Players should move as close to Neo Exdeath as possible in order to not get knocked off if the Flood of Naught is White or Black Antilight.
  • Players with Beyond Death must stand in an Antilight in order to remove the debuff. Spot heals are required if the next mechanic is a White or Black Antilight.
  • After three Flood of Naughts are resolved, Acceleration Bomb and Cursed Shriek will resolve. DPS with Cursed Shriek should stand at the back of the arena relative to the boss and look away from each other. Everyone else stay still and look at the boss.
  • Right after, Neo Exdeath will cast Flood of Naught Terminal Antilight. Do this as you would Grand Cross Alpha.
  • Allagan Field resolves a moment before Almagest goes off. Healers must be on their toes to top everyone from the inevitable raidwide damage that will happen.


Indicates the beginning of the soft enrage phase. The boss gains a stacking damage debuff every 5 seconds, which goes up to 16 stacks.

Frenzied Fist

A physical damage attack that repeats in succession. This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs.

Frenzied Sphere

A physical raid buster. This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs.


Video Guides



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