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How to Unlock

Speak with Cid at The Interdimensional Rift (X:17.3 Y:18.9). Players must first complete the quest "The Hunt for Omega".

Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape will not yield gear, but instead yield tokens that can be traded for gear of your choosing by speaking with Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.7 Y:12.0).

Mechanics Overview

  • Meteor: Large amount of damage applied to the entire party.
  • Flare: 3 people get markers for this aoe. It hits three times. The damage done from flare depends on how far apart the people with this marker are from each other AND the rest of the party.
  • Holy: This is a party stack mechanic. When you see this marker go stack with the party immediately. It is usually safe enough for the main tank to go stack with the group for this as well.
  • Black Hole: Arena wide aoe for a large amount of damage. This also places numerous black holes on the field. Running into one of these holes damages you moderately and gives you a stack of vulnerability up.
  • The Decisive Battle: Exdeath summons a circle of roots to the arena. There will be a pulsing aoe circle in the center. These roots will all cast an aoe in different directions in a cone. Your job here is to get to the safe spot farthest away from the pulse while staying out of those AOEs.
  • Exdeath Tree: This will occasionally appear in the center of the arena when Exdeath has diasppeared. Never stand in front of it. Stand behind this until it does it's breath aoe. Failure will reward you with a vuln up stack and zombification.
  • Abyssal Push: This is a knockback skill. You can avoid this while the rails around the arena are up. However, once the fight swaps to phase two - the boss should be tanked at the edge of the arena and everyone should stand with their backs towards the larger part of the arena during this move. Failure to do so will result in you being knocked off of the arena.
  • Doom: Exdeath will cast doom on 2-3 party members. It can be removed via Esuna, so be sure to keep an eye on those debuffs.

The following spells have TWO versions. For the sake of simplicity we'll call one Version 1 and the other Version 2. You can tell the difference between whether a mechanic will be Version 1 or Version 2 based on the positioning of Exdeath's arm. If he has his arm stuck into the void or held in the air with a dark aura - it's going to be Version 2. Otherwise, assume this will be Version 1 of the respective skill.

Thunder III

  • Version 1: Tankbuster - Very high damage to the main tank. This also applies a debuff to the tank that will cause the next tankbuster to do more damage than the previous. Tanks should swap out at two debuff stacks.
  • Version 2: Boss centric AOE damage/debuff. If hit with this debuff, you will get a stack of paralysis and vulnerability up. The paralysis stack is not removable. If the boss is casting Version 2 of this spell, back away immediately. It has a pretty large range.

Fire III

  • Version 1: Several players are targeted for light to moderate splash damage. These players should spread out and you should not stack on top of them unless absolutely necessary.
  • Version 2: AOE damage to the entire party. This will hit more than once for small amounts of damage. Version 2 of this spell also applies a 3 second debuff to the entire party.

Blizzard III

  • Version 1: This is a loose line/cluster of AOEs. Getting hit by one does moderate damage. Being hit by this attack will apply a vulnerability up debuff to your character.
  • Version 2: This is an arena wide aoe for small damage. It also applies a freezing and vulnerability up debuff to anyone who is not moving when the cast finishes. To avoid damage - simply move while the cast is finishing.

Video Guides

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