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How to Unlock

To access Omega: Deltascape (Savage), players must access the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.5 Y:12.4). Players must first complete the quest "The Anomaly".

Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape (Savage) will yield gear. In addition to gear, players will receive a Deltascape datalog from each area, which can be exchanged for gear of your choosing by speaking with Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.7 Y:12.0).

Mechanics Overview

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Before starting, assign each player to a different platform in the center of the arena as indicated by Library tiles in Phase 4, and assign each player to a different cardinal direction, with the boss facing direction always being North.

Halicarnassus enrages at around 11:25, with a raid DPS requirement of at least ~23800.

The Queen's Waltz

The Queen’s Waltz is the main mechanic in the fight. There are four separate instances of what this mechanic can do. The mechanic done is indicated by what type of panel Halicarnassus is standing on.

The Queen’s Waltz Saber Dance is if she is standing on a regular platform. This is Protean Wave from A3S/Art of the Sword from Ala Mhigo final boss - an invisible line AoE towards every party member.

  • Assign all players a cardinal direction, with the boss facing direction being true north. Eight players will have N/E/S/W/NE/NW/SE/SW. Each player will only be hit by one line AoE.

The Queen’s Waltz Briar Thorn is if she is standing on a Forest platform. This tethers tanks and healers to one DPS each.

  • Move away from your tether partner in the opposite direction to break it. Failure to do so will inflict a vuln stack and deal damage.
  • Have all the DPS run South to the non-briar patches and all the tanks/healers run North to the non-briar patches.

The Queen’s Waltz Earthly Dance is if she is standing on the Cave platform. Everyone not standing on a blue rocky platforms will instantly die. Deals AoE damage to anyone standing on a blue rocky platform.

  • Stand on the Cave platform.
  • Find the safe spot where the Dark Tokens are not charging down, if applicable.

The Queen’s Waltz Folio is if she is standing on a Library platform. One book will fall on a platform for each player standing said platform. This deals heavy magic damage (~28k) that cannot be mitigated by shields.

  • Each player needs to stand on a different platform.

Spellblade Holy + Pole Shift (Phase 1 & 6)

Marks three players with AoEs and one player with a stack marker. Pole Shift is a tether between two players with AoEs and two players with AoE and stack marker. After the cast bar resolves, the tethered players will swap places.

All unmarked players and the player with the AoE tethered to the player stack on top of the boss. The AoE and stack will swap places, and the stack will be shared by all unmarked players. The other AoE tethers move away from the boss to ensure they do not clip anyone else.

Dimensional Wave

High damage AoE.

Critical Hit

A tank buster that always critically strikes, unless Awareness is active.


There are three different types of elemental Spellblade mechanics. If it is not indicated, it is random.

  • Spellblade: Fire III
    • A donut type attack. The inside and very outside is safe. Inflicts a burn DoT that can be esuna’d if hit.
  • Spellblade: Blizzard III
    • An AoE centered around Halicarnassus. Inflicts Deep Freeze if hit.
  • Spellblade: Thunder III
    • A line AoE attack. Inflicts Paralysis if hit.

The Playing Field

Changes certain panels with indicators of roles or animals. There are three different roles (Tank, Healer, DPS) and three different animals (Pig, Imp, Frog). Each platform must have one player standing on them matching the indicator or everyone receives a vuln stack.

  • Oink
    • If a player is not stacked with another player, they are transformed into a Pig.
  • Ribbit
    • A conal AoE that transforms any player hit into a Frog.
  • Squelch
    • A gaze type attack that transforms any player hit into an Imp.

How to deal with Phase 5 The Playing Field:

  • Have healers fail the first mechanic that comes up, and then correctly do the last two.
  • Have tanks correctly do the first mechanic that comes up, fail the second, and correctly do the third.
  • Have DPS correctly do the first two mechanics and fail the third.

Alternatively, assign each role to a type of animal. They will satisfy the condition of both animal types they do not belong to and fail the condition of the animal type they are assigned to. For example, if DPS were Imps, Tanks were Frogs, and Healers were Pigs:

  • DPS look at the boss during Squelch, dodge Ribbit, and stack for Oink
  • Tanks look away from the boss during Squelch, stand in Ribbit, and stack for Oink
  • Healers look away from the boss during Squelch, dodge Ribbit, and do not stack with anyone for Oink


Places a debuff on each player. When the debuff resolves, players are unable to use any actions and move in the direction indicated on the debuff relative to how they are facing.

  • Forward March moves the player forward.
  • About Face moves the player back.
  • Right Face moves the player right.
  • Left Face moves the player left.

This is often accompanied with mechanics that force you to be at a certain position.

Spellblade Holy (Phase 4)

Places AoE markers on four random members and stack markers on two random members. The AoE marked players must take a physical vuln book and the stack marked players and unmarked players must take a magical vuln book. A Queen’s Waltz Folio happens as the mechanics resolve, so all players must be standing on different platforms. One unmarked player has to stack with one stack marked player each.

Place Dark Token

Places untargetable adds inside and outside the arena. Adds inside the arena will do an AoE centered around them. Adds outside the arena will charge down the panels they are facing. Getting hit by any one of these is usually fatal, as they are accompanied with other mechanics. In Phase 6, adds appear that tether onto players. The tether deals proximity damage as it resolves.

  • Players must mindjack to the square directly opposite of the add to take as little damage as possible.
  • All other players must Mindjack to a safe spot.
  • The outer corners along the inside four panels are safe.

Place Token

Halicarnassus summons an add. The add differs by phase.

Phase Two: White Flame

Emits an AoE, healing the boss. Deals heavy damage to the tank. Tank this away from the boss.

Phase Three: Great Dragon

Does a cleave called Frost Breath, which hits fairly hard. Mitigate as necessary.

Phase Four: Great Dragon

Does tank crunches fairly often, these hit decently hard. Mitigate as necessary.

Phase Six: Iron Giant + Ninja x6

Iron Giant cleaves fairly often. At or near 50% he will cast Overheat, gaining a powerful damage up buff. This must be silenced. Ninjas are just throwaway adds that autoattack for 1k pretty often.


Video Guides

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