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Manto LulfarJune 14, 2017

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Quick Note

One thing to understand is that if an item can be sold from an NPC in game then you should not have to purchase it on the Market Board at all, unless it's the high quality counterpart you seek. High quality items indeed should be worth more than the normal quality version of it. High quality items offer additional stats, more durability and can stay on your character for several levels before its due for something new and overall are worth the investment.


As for selling items on the Market Board one should never sell an item more then what its actually worth. How can you find out what it is worth? Check the items sales history. It shows how often people are buying it, how many they bought, how much they spent and weather it was a high quality item or not. Pay attention sellers because right here is where you can tell if an item is in demand or not. It's the date(s) from when the item is purchased. Yes if you see, for example, HQ iron ore is in the history for the entire day of 12/28 within hours of each other then that is an item worth investing, at the time. Now let's say that you farmed for stacks of HQ copper ore, you check the board and you see its sales history. The dates range from 12/28 to 11/19 then obviously this item is not necessarily in demand and it's not worth investing in.

For the next point always check beforehand what is in high demand before you supply it with crafts/gathering or even dropped items.


Now for buying items on the Market Board can be a lot easier to understand, obviously if something is to expensive for your taste, then don't buy it, plain and simple. Easier said then done, high demanded items and very little supply of them can cause them to be expensive to where only wealthy players can purchase them. This can be annoying since high demanded items can only be crafted/gathered or even dropped very rare so it only makes sense that its expensive. This is where crafters, gathers and lucky players come in to find this high demand low supply item and try to fill it up so the overall value of said item can be cheaper. Though the only way an item can drop from 500,000 gil to 10,000 gil is if EVERYONE can farm the item themselves FOR FREE.

Final Thoughts

An economy in general can never be perfect and never will be, sellers sell to high and buyers cant afford to actually buy the items they need. Everyone begins to collect to much of said items and then suddenly a 10,000 gil leather is now 98 gil then the value is almost worth no time trying to craft it.

Thank you for reading and good luck out there with your Market Board adventures! gl and hf!