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Game Resources

The Lodestone - Official Forums - FFXIV Subreddit - Server Status - Event & Maintenance Timers


Console Games - Gamer Escape

These two are the leading wiki resources for almost everything in the game. Want to know where to get an item, what recipes it is used for, how to unlock a dungeon? Then these two are the places for you to go. They also explain some of the game's underlying mechanics, and Console Games has guides for Dungeons, Raids and Trials and some basic endgame rotations and recommended macros for each class. They have different strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes it's not easy to find the page you're looking for, especially on GE, but in general they're both very very good. Use them. Use them a lot.


Ariyala's Toolkit - Garland Tools - XIV DB

As opposed to the wikis, these get heavier and more technical. They're not as easy and quick to use, but they're amazing tools once you learn how to use them effectively.

Ariyala's Toolkit is great for comparing gear, searching for all the available gear at any given ilvl range in order to decide BiS (Best in slot) for any class. A very useful URL generator lets you share your selections with others quickly and easily. It's also the leading website to report A and S ranks to: if you kill a hunt, report it here so that everyone has the respawn timer. Finally, it has a timer for unspoiled nodes, and again your selection of timers to keep track of can easily be shared with the URL generator.

Garland Tools offers 3 components. Garland Data is great for organizing and keeping track of a lot of stuff at the same time, especially when it comes to crafters and gatherers. It has a complex, highly customizable interface so you can put all you need in a list or in a page and keep track of it. Unlike Ariyala's, it's less focused on gear, it has an entry for almost everything in the game, from patch notes, to achievements, to every limit break, weather, basically everything you can think of. Garland Bells is a timer for (mostly) gatherers, and FFXIV Fisheris your go-to resource for fishing, with timers, weathers and baits.

XIV DB is more of a straight-up database. It's basically a better version of the official (and very slow) database that Square Enix has on the Lodestone. Every item, NPC, monster, loot, anything is in here. It's the standard for databases, and used in the background of a lot of other tools, but paradoxically it's not as useful on its own.


Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) - FFLogs - Dervy's Theorycrafting Blog - FFXIV Rotations - The Hunt

ACT is the combat parser everyone uses. If you have trouble installing it and getting it to work check out this post. Also check out the RainbowMage Overlay, which makes it tidier, more readable and more pleasing to look at. note: Combat Parsers are in a grey area: they're technically not allowed but everyone uses them and no one has ever been banned for it. Just don't go around using your parser as a tool against other people and you'll be fine.

FFLogs is for raiders and people interested in improving their combat. Users upload their ACT logs, either as indviduals, or as statics, and the website gives all the tools to analyse them, comparing them to averages and pointing out areas for improvement. It also has tools to help with raid scheduling.

Dervy's Blog: here is where it really gets technical. Ariyala's already has some default stat weights for each class, and they are good enough for most, but if you want to understand where they come from and how everything in the game is calculated, this is the place for you. Trigger warning: maths. Lots of maths. thanks to u/EdgeFayth.

FFXIV Rotations is great for theorycrafting. Create and share rotations (sequences of abilities) for any class (Combat classes as well as crafters and gatherers) at any given level.

The Hunt is a simple webpage showing all the spawn location of A and S ranks in all of Eorzea. Extremely useful as a reference if you're looking to do some hunting. The forum thread Let's talk about Hunts goes more in depth about each A and S rank, and how they spawn. Finally, if you want to hunt in HW in the most efficient way, check the paths on those HW maps for the shortest possible paths.

Crafting & Gathering

Crafting as a Service - Crafting Optimizer - Cat Became Hungry - FFXIV Gardening - Desynthesis Guide - FFXIV Clock - FFXIV Gathering

Crafting as a Service is a great resource for crafters and gatherers. It can be used in a variety of way, from helping you gear up at any given level, to organizing your activities in order to make one of every item you can make, or simply finding the best way to level up and/or make money. It's extremely versatile and powerful, once you get the hang of how to use the site.

Crafting Optimizer is another great tool. It helps find the ideal, most reliable rotation given your level and stats. It also simulates various scenarios and rotations.

Cat Became Hungry is a great resource for fishing! Lists baits, locations, fishes, weather, collectables, desynth results and pretty much everything you can think of.

FFXIV Gardening is for gardening! :D It includes a very useful planner with growth times, where to plan the seeds for best results, and all the info you need.

The Desynthesis Guide is an extremely in-depth post on the official forums with everything you ever wanted to know about desynthesis, how to level it, what to get from it, how to make money with it.

FFXIV Clock is a simple clock tracking unspoiled nodes for gatherers. Ariyala's and Garland have the same functions, but if you want something simpler this is for you. Also tracks timed Triple Triad NPCs. Android app also available.

FFXIV Gathering is another clock timer for tracking gathering nodes with a bit simpler interface and less overhead.

Gold Saucer

Chocobo Racing - Cactpot Solver - Triple Triad - Verminion

Chocobo Racing is not very well explained in-game, but this guide goes over all the mechanics up to the most minute detail, including some suggested "endgame" builds. If you're at all interested in Chocobo racing, this site is a must-read.

The Cactpot Solver helps you solve those cactpot cards in the most efficient and statistically successful way. Simply enter each number as you scratch it.

Triple Triad and Verminion are the main resources for these two games. Triple Triad is especially well-done: aside from explaining the rules, it helps you keep track of your collection and hunt down the cards you need. It lists info about every NPC and the times they're available to play.


Chocobo Colour Calculator - Minion Menagerie - Orchestrion Tracker - Explore XIV - Heavenswhere - Eorzea Collection - FFXIV Housing - Guildwork Client - FFXIV Squadron

The Chocobo Colour Calculator can guide you through the obscure process of dyeing your chocobo. These tools deal with the randomness involved in different ways: the calculator tries to get you approximately to where you want to be, and then make tweaks afterwards.

Minion Menagerie lists every minion and mount, how to get it, and all known interactions minions respond to. You can enter your character to quickly check what you have and what you're missing to complete your collection.

Orchestrion Tracker does the same for the other, other "gotta catch 'em all."

Explore XIV is a timer specifically for the sightseeing log, and probably the quickest way of completing it. Whether it's more fun to actually find them out for yourself is up to you.

Heavenswhere ended up in this section because it fit too many categories. It's a collection of interactive Heavensward maps, with marks for gathering nodes, fishing spots, hunts, vistas and treasure map locations. The search bar makes it twice as useful.

Eorzea Collection is a gorgeous fashion site that shows pictures of all the possible gear sets and glamours in the game, as well as some player-created sets if you need some inspiration. FFXIV Housing showcases furniture and house decorations instead. The endgame starts here.

Guildwork Client offers several benefits even aside from integration with Guildwork's website: it can monitor shouts across all of Eorzea, and you can set up notifications for hunts, specific weather, FATEs and filter out tells from RMT traders. Premium members will also receive push notifications on their phones whenever duty finder pops.

FFXIV Squadron calculates and shows the optimal training units and Team set up for Missions based on your Squads stats and chemistry.

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