Fishing & Spearfishing

Overview & Leveling 60-70
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Fishing 60-70 | Spearfishing | Video Overview

Fishing 60-70

The most efficient way to level fishing from 60-70 is with Leves and GC turn-ins. The quickest way will be to buy the most efficient turn-in available to you from the Market Board and turn in immediately. You can also use your rod/spear to catch the fish you need if you want to save some gil. Listed below are some good places to level as well.

Level 60-63

  • Use Salmon Roe at The Fringes (29, 13) and just grind out some fish. You can also go to each fishing spot to catch one of each fish to add to your fishing guide for extra EXP. If you have extra gil to spend use it on leve and GC turn-ins.

Level 63-66

  • Spear Fish at The Ruby Sea (16, 18). Use a small gig to fish for Sea Pickles (turn in x3 of these for the Leve quest in Kugane). Use Veteran Trade when you get a non-pickle to increase your rate of Sea Pickle catches. Depending on price it might be easier to just buy the Sea Pickles from the Market Board for the leve turn-in.

Level 66-70

  • Use a small gig at The Ruby Sea (38, 6) to catch Sea Lamps (turn x6 of these in for the Leve quest in Kugane). After you catch 10 Bashful Batfish (use Veteran Trade after catching a Sea Lamp to speed up the process) a node will spawn. Use Truth of Oceans to find the node and use Collector's Glove to catch Mitsuriko Shark (819 rating) and Thousandfang (837 rating). Turn these in for red scrips once you hit level 70.


How to Unlock Spearfishing

  • Quest: A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience
  • Requirement: Fisher level 61
  • Quest Starting Location: The Ruby Sea (X:28.9 Y:15.9)
  • Quest Starting NPC: Sumitsubo

How to Spearfish

There are three types of gig heads, each of which will allow you to spear different kinds of fish. Players can swap between gig heads using the Gig Head action. Gigs can be purchased from NPCs upon unlocking spearfishing.

  1. Equip your spearfishing gig, then dive underwater and use the actions "Fathom" or "Shark Eye" to identify the location of teeming waters.
  2. Target the teeming waters.
  3. After target the teeming waters, wait for bubbles appear.
  4. When bubbles appear, a sea creature will approach and you can use your gig to spear it.
  5. Successfully speared fish will be added to your inventory.
  6. In the event you fail to spear anything, you may try again so long as the teeming waters have not been fully depleted.
  7. Replacing the head of your gig will allow you to spear a larger variety of fish.

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